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Future proof your new kitchen

Kitchens R Us use the latest technology in Kitchen design and manufacture with revolutionary seamless Laser edging for Kitchens doors and panels.
Laser invisible edge or ZeroLine edging is the newest technology to come to kitchen door manufacturing.
This technology enables the 1mm edge tape to be 'fused' to the edge of the door or panel without using glue, creating an almost invisible join that is exceptionally strong and highly water resistant.
Why you should consider Laser edge doors and panels for your new Kitchen?
This new seamless edging is revolutionary in the kitchen industry, where once customers had to live with a PVC line they now can choose a superior bonded finish that makes the edge line almost invisible.
Laser edge is a 1mm edge type that is bonded to the surface of your door or panels using infra-red heat technology. The result is an edge that is almost impossible to detect and not only more aesthetically pleasing, but increases the moisture proofing of your kitchen, as the edge bond is so tight neither steam or water can egress into the join.
Laser edging is the latest in the Kitchen industry for an up-spec finish for new kitchens and cabinets.
Kitchens R Us imported their own Laser edging machine from Germany over 12 months ago and customers are just wowed with our high spec seamless doors.
This new Invisible edge technology is relatively new to the Kitchen industry and many customers are unaware that they are purchasing expensive kitchens from companies using old technology.
Why should you accept unsightly 2mm PVC edging for your new kitchen, when for a small extra out lay you can future proof your new kitchen with the latest technology with smooth invisible edges with our true Laser edge.
Laser edge doors and panels are cleaner because there’s no edge for food and grime to lodge in, so your kitchen stays cleaner and lasts longer, and keeps its good looks!
Future proof your beautiful new kitchen and wow your friends and family with true laser edge by Kitchens R Us.
Come and see what all the fuss is about before you buy your new kitchen!