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Avoid that sinking feeling

How to choose your sink for your new Kitchen. With the large range of sink options now available in New Zealand you could be forgiven for beginning a little perplexed when making a choice about which sink will suit your new kitchen. So let's start with the basic facts: Sinks can come in several types of materials: Stainless steel Granite Solid surface Composite sinks Ceramic (Fire clay) Porcelain enamel (cast iron) Acrylic (type of plastic) Copper or Bronze look Sinks are also divided into the way they are installed and this is often dependent on the benchtop material chosen. Top Mounted Undermounted Flush mount Sinks come in different sizes and configurations and this is dependent on the po

Choosing Your Kitchen splashback.

Choosing Your Kitchen splash back Splash backs in the kitchen are more than just an eye-catching design feature, a splash backs purpose is to protect the walls and panels around your kitchen from food & water splatter and should be heat resistant to protect behind hobs and benchtop appliances. While splash backs provide a service in your kitchen that doesn’t mean to say they have to be dull necessities, the splash back these days is an import design feature and the right splash back can enhance your kitchens look in a spectacular fashion. There is a range of materials to choose from and the colour and texture possibilities are discussed here. A splash back has a purpose to protect the walls

How to choose the right benchtop

These are the more common choices for benchtop material in New Zealand. Formica benchtops When it comes to Laminate benchtops most people recognize the name Formica which was the original brand back in the 1950’S. Formica laminate is a laminated composite material invented in the United States in 1912. The word Formica refers to the company's classic product: a heat-resistant, wipe-clean laminate of paper or textile with melamine resin. Formica has chipboard to its core and then it is laminated with the Formica on the surface. Laminate has come along way in recent years and the variety of colours, finishes and patterns, thickness and durability has improved. And it is still a very popular ch

A guide to free flowing open plan Home & Kitchen Design

Open plan living is high on many homeowners wish lists when they’re building or renovating. Not only does an open space provide plenty of room for entertaining guests (without relegating yourself to the kitchen), but open plan also feels incredibly spacious, airier and more welcoming. However, the open plan style does come with its challenges, and there are some key things to consider before you launch into your Kitchen renovation or new home build. Here, we’ll talk through some of the most important tips for designing an open plan kitchen & Lounge. Free flowing Kitchen space: Even though you’re planning for an open layout, you don’t want your Kitchen space to be too free flowing, or you mig

Get the Designer kitchen look for Less

Whether you’re embarking upon a kitchen renovation journey or looking to implement a new kitchen in your new home plans, you’ll likely be working closely with your kitchen designers to make your vision a reality. Before you get your project started, there are a few things we want you to know – to make the process as efficient and rewarding for you as possible. There are ways to achieve the look for less Just because a certain material or fitting is the most expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best value for money. When it comes to things like your Kitchen cabinetry or benchtop material, there’s often ways to achieve your aesthetic vision without completely disregarding your budget.


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