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Your guide to Kitchen storage

Updated: Apr 6

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Maximising storage capacity in your new kitchen is a key goal.

Planning where everything will eventually be stored and where in the kitchen is the key to functionality once the kitchen has been completed.

You will see many articles about form and function in a kitchen.

Form refers to the look and layout of your new kitchen, function refers to the ease of use.

These two things are not always in conflict. A clever designer will manage to get you form & function for your new kitchen.

New appliances are fun & add value to your kitchen, but their needs to be enough space to efficiently store these things.

So let's talk about how storage is organized in a kitchen, and how this reflects in your kitchen workflow – make sure you are not missing out on key ideas, on how to make the most of your kitchen storage.

Firstly: Fridge storage

For the food-minded among us, the fridge zone is one of the kitchen’s most important elements!

Home to not only this major Kitchen appliance, in the fridge zone there is also usually a food pantry and some other tall cabinetry.

When thinking about what we use this zone for, a regular activity is putting away groceries.

When you come home and place your shopping bags down on the bench, the last thing you then want to do is trek back and forth across the kitchen, to put things away. So, some vacant bench space adjacent to the fridge zone, will make this process so much easier.

Next, you’ll access the fridge zone when preparing meals. Having this area as part of a ‘triangle’ close to both food preparation space and the oven, means that it’s easy to get your ingredients out, and easy if you’re halfway through a meal preparation and need to add a spice or condiment to your dish.

Staple ingredients and utensils for food preparation should live in this zone, along with small benchtop appliances that aren’t in use every day.

The fridge zone can also be a great place to store cookbooks, to give you inspiration when looking in the fridge before dinner.

Secondly: Sink storage

Used for both preparation and cleanup, the sink zone gets a lot of traffic in the kitchen. Somewhere between the fridge and the hob zone, the sink should be located with your bins as close as possible, along with cleaning equipment and chemicals for easy access when you need it. Under the drainer tray of your sink, is the ideal spot for your dishwasher. This prevents drips on the floor and makes clean up quick & easy.

An uncluttered sink area can be hard to achieve – with drying racks, drainer space and the dishes themselves to accommodate. But having ample bench space either side of your sink will help keep clutter under control, particularly if you’re someone who enjoys cooking a lot.

*A wise tip is to not have your wet area near a benchtop join, detergents and constant moisture can affect benchtop joins , so best to avoid a wet area located too close to a join.

The sink zone is typically home to crockery, glassware and cutlery, with the space to lay these out on the bench in preparation for serving; as well as easy access from the dishwasher to put them away.

Thirdly: Cooking storage

The cooking zone, home to your cooktop and oven, completes the workflow triangle. As this is where the action happens, anything related to cooking should generally live within this zone.

Cooling racks and serving dishes along with cookware like pots and pans should be within easy reach of your cooking area.

Thinking about the cooking process, items like oil, spices, salt and pepper should be kept nearby to easily add an extra pinch to the pot.

*A wise tip is to locate a pullout spice rack adjacent to your oven or hob for easy access and inspiration when cooking.

The cooking zone may also be a good home for your microwave, whether under the bench or concealed in cabinetry.

Additions like an island bench also create further options for storage in your kitchen. While we’ve outlined a general guide to kitchen storage above, Kitchens R Us understands that every kitchen is as unique as the people who use it.

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