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Best Rubbish bins for kitchens

Updated: Apr 6

These are our top three picks for the most common rubbish bins for the kitchen:

We have all had the old rubbish bin hidden away in the pantry or sitting awkwardly in a kitchen corner at some stage or another. There's no getting away from having to have a rubbish bin in your kitchen somewhere and choosing to have a rubbish bin designed and integrated into you kitchen cabinetry, could be one of the wisest decisions you can make.

Apart from the hygiene aspect, a rubbish bin sitting around in the kitchen, can be an eyesaw, not smell very nice and destroy the smooth clean aesthetic you're trying to create.

So there a basically three types of common rubbish storage solutions for kitchens that are cost effective and we would recommend you consider,

  • Swing out Bin attached to a base cabinet door

  • Slide out bin attached to the base shelf under the sink.

  • Pullout bin with either a large single bin container or a multi containers suitable for separating Kitchen waste.

Swing out bin or Halo bin

Hailo Bin

This type of bin is hinged onto the back of a door usually under the sink.

These are ideal if you don't have a lot of room for a separate bin cabinet.

Designed with a lid designed to open & shut as you swing the door, it's an easy cost-effective option for under sink rubbish storage.

The bin lifts out, for easy emptying and cleaning.

Downside is there is no way to separate plastics and biodegradable food scraps.

These bins are limited in size and so can only store smaller items.

Bins hinged onto the back of a door are very common in kitchens and if you cannot fit a full pull out bin, I would recommend these handy little bins, for every day kitchen rubbish.

Hafele NZ have a range of Halo bins available to be viewed


Slide out bin attached to bottom shelf behind a door:

Kitchen bin

Single or double pull out bins designed to be installed on the bottom shelf of your sink cabinet behind the doors.

The ability to sort your rubbish for recycling is a big advantage with these types of double bins, with 2 containers, you can sort & store easily.

Downside is the fact you must have a larger sink cabinet width wise, to accommodate these bins & the plumbing, and generally that ensures there’s no room for a waste master.

Plus, there is quite a lot of bending down and they are a bit awkward, so may not suit everyone.

Pull out drawer/bin systems.

Pull out Bin system

These bins are installed in a separate cabinet specifically designed for rubbish collection and generally placed as close to the sink as possible. Image shown is a Hideaway bin.

The ability to sort your rubbish for recycling is again the advantage.

The best point about these bins are they are installed at bench height, so access, cleaning and use, is by far the easiest, with no bending down or having to lift heavy bins from the floor to the bench top.

1,2,3,4 container options are available in the pullout drawer version and with so many combinations to choose from, you are free to sort and recycle with ease.

Downside is cost and that fact that you need to have the space in your kitchen design, for a specialized cabinet for waste storage.

If you have the room and you budget allows, definitely this is the way to go!

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