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How to choose the right handle for your new kitchen

Which handle is an important decision as your choice will dominate the look of your kitchen. In kitchens the small things are the big things.

Colours, textures and a coordinated theme across your whole kitchen from the materials, benchtops, sinks, taps and handles you have chosen is what will make your kitchen special.

*Stay consistent with the style of handle across your kitchen

*Try not to have too many differing lengths of handles, smaller handles on smaller cabinets & maybe a longer version on tall doors. Don't use more than 2 or 3 sizes across your kitchen for a more professional look.

*Avoid sharp edges or ends that can catch on clothing.

*Kitchens are work spaces and your handles get dirty & wet frequently, make sure you choose for quality and warranty so your kitchen stays stylish over the long term.

Your Kitchen Designer will guide you on all the details including the right handle to get the look you are going for.

Here's a brief guide to what kitchen handles are available in New Zealand.

Handles are grouped into shapes:

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Bow handles:

Simple & easy to use the bow handle is a old favorite, perfect for ease of use and avoiding sharp edges.

D Handles:

The most common handle for Kitchen cabinetry is the D Handle. For opening & shutting doors & drawers the D handle is timeless & no fuss.

Front mount pull handles:

On trend right now these handles are give a modern look & come in a variety of colours.

Cup handles:

If you're looking for the country kitchen look you can't go past a cup handle, these can be mixed and matched throughout your kitchen with knobs & D handles for practical reasons. As long as you stay consistent in the style of handle, having a combination of handle shapes in the same style will give an interesting look.

Flush handles:

Often seen on modern furniture if your going for a sleek modern look a flush handle gives a clean flush appearance.

Top mount pull handles

These handles can be colour matched or contrasted to your kitchen cabinetry and are most suitable for kitchens that want the look of handless but with practicality of an actual handle to grip onto.


Going for an old worldly look Knobs are a great choice for your kitchen for wall cupboards and doors that are light to open. They can be mixed and matched with same finish D Handles, for drawer cabinets below the benchtop for ease to open.

Continuous profile handles

This is a very modern 'no handle look' that has stood the test of time. Mounted along the top of doors and drawers with a convenient finger grip to open. For ease of cleaning and no sharp edges, profile handles are a great choice.

Handless look:

Very on trend over the last few years.

The doors and drawer fronts are bevelled along the top edge to allow a finger grip to pull. Tall or heavy doors may need an actual handle for practicality of use. But for a sleek modern look handles kitchens are very popular at present.

Your kitchen Designer will be a great asset when deciding on your handles.

Warranty and durability of handles is something to weigh up.

*Plus with the more minimal look 'handless kitchens' there is quite a bit more cleaning off of fingers marks is something to be considered.

If you would like some more details & information on handles and brouse the KItchen handle range please click on the Archant website link below.


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