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Quality you can trust.

How have we produced consistent quality & service for over 30 years?

People, Materials, Machinery.


We have consistently invested in our people through upskilling training & support.

We constantly train our own cabinet makers through the JITO apprenticeship schemes.

We take on new apprentices every year, & they bring with them their energy and enthusiasm & we turn them into well trained New Zealand cabinet makers.

Most of our staff have been with us for many years and Kitchens R Us does its best to make spending time here every day enjoyable.

Our kitchen designers come through a system where they are seconded to a more experienced Designer for several years. So once they have reached a certain skill level , they can then start to take on their own clients. This nurturing system lasts until they have the knowledge, confidence & training to produce designs that our customers will love & this system works well for us. We operate as a team here at Kitchens R Us and everybody has an experienced ear they can turn to for advice & support.

Plus Kitchen Design & Manufacture is fun!

So investing in our people is No.1

We choose the best Materials:

By buying NZ made materials and only dealing with NZ suppliers we know we are sourcing the best raw materials.

NZ has very high regulatory standards that ensures all our products are fit for service & environmentally friendly.

Our benchtop suppliers are amongst the most respected suppliers & manufacturers in the country


Our designers use Cabinet Vision which is a sophisticated computerized design program that allows us to produce working plans and elevations, with life like 3D renders.

So our customers get to set their kitchen detailed in its colours, helping them make confident choices.

We also use time tracking software to track your kitchen throughout its manufacture.

This allows us to accurately meet delivery dates 100% of the time.

We manage all our installers through an online portal where they have direct communication with head office & our production team throughout the time they on site at your home. We check & photograph every installation for our records, & to ensure that every kitchen, wardrobe or joinery project meets our high standards.


Researching & installing the most sophisticated European manufacturing technologies

By installing the latest European CNCs & robotic board handling, we can produce kitchens at scale and with consistent quality.

Kitchens R Us has one of the most highly technical manufacturing facilities in NZ with the first Biesse Winstore most recently to ever be installed in NZ. Ask for a look around next time you visit our showroom. we are very proud to show off our manufacturing facility.

Proven hardware & fittings

Partnering with one of the best suppliers in the market for hinges, drawer mechanisms and fittings ensure that our cabinetry performs as its designed to, throughout its lifetime.

We give a 10 year warranty on our kitchens and a lifetime warranty on our hardware and fittings.

Relationships with our customers

A huge amount of our work is referral. Once a customer has a kitchen or wardrobe built by KItchens R Us they become a client for life.

We build kitchen after kitchen for some clients, as they shift through the property market they take us along for the ride and we become trusted friends along the way.

We like a bit of humour and we like some fun, but at the end of the day it's the quality of the product and what your customers think that's most important!

That's why after 30 years of manufacturing excellence we are one of the most highly trusted KItchens brands in New Zealand.

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