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A Kitchen renovation guide

Here’s how to make your Kitchen remodel as smooth as possible.

Choosing the right Kitchen Designer to make sure you get the best results for your kitchen renovation is key.

Your Kitchen designer must get on board with your vision and here’s how to make sure you chose the right design, Kitchen cabinets and benchtops for your new kitchen.

It is an exciting time putting a new kitchen in your existing home.

There are lots of interacting tasks that need to be contracted and project managed.

By reading our Kitchen guild we hope to make your journey to your new kitchen and benchtops as straightforward as possible.

The First things to consider for your new kitchen

  • Appliances: this is a good time to think about replacing older appliances. Most Kitchen companies will be able to arrange appliance quotes for you helping save some dollars. So, before you buy your new appliances talk to your kitchen designer.

  • Choose your kitchen company(s) that you would like to work with. A good gauge is to build a good rapport[DR1] with your kitchen designer and make sure she or he understands the look you are going for and keeps to your budget. Your Designer should be knowledgeable and happy to share what she knows, with you, to help you make the right decisions.

  • Establish your budget for appliances and the kitchen. It's no-good falling in love with a Kitchen design and specification, that is above your budget. Be honest with your Kitchen Designer, she or he should be able to guild you to the best cabinets and benchtops, Kitchen fittings and hardware to get your kitchen looking amazing within your budget.

  • Kitchen Flooring: Decide if you are going to replace the flooring in your Kitchen. Talk to your Kitchen designer about your plans for the flooring, as certain types of flooring require design considerations and effect the Kitchen installation process.

  • Kitchen Lighting: Will you upgrade your lighting in the kitchen? Again, your Kitchen designer will be a good source of knowledge around kitchen lighting, will you have integrated Kitchen strip lighting, toe kick lighting and/or downlights. Will you install overhead lighting over the breakfast bar?

  • Kitchen Splash back: Tiles, glass or tiles or stone, there are plentiful options for kitchen splash backs and each has its own advantage. If you’re having a gas hob you will need fireproof material behind this appliance. Your kitchen designer can advise you in this area.

Below is a list of trades to think about that maybe required to organize your Kitchen project:

  • Carpenter/Builder

  • Gib Fixer

  • Gib Stopper

  • Painter

  • Electrician

  • Plumber

  • Gas Fitter (if you have gas or a gas hob)

  • Flooring contractor

  • Appliance installation

  • Rangehood installation and supply

Tasks/ issues that need to be considered:

  • Remove existing kitchen (Trade me is good for selling the old Kitchen)

  • Plumbing disconnection of your existing kitchen

  • Wall relocation (if footprint of kitchen is changing)

  • New plumbing location

  • Drawers under sink will need to be templated once the plumbing is fitted

  • More electrical plug locations and if appliances are shifting you will need appropriate electrical switches installed

  • New Flooring or Flooring repairs

  • Kitchen Lighting location, discuss this with your designer.

  • How will you cook while you are without a working kitchen? (could be up to 2 weeks)

The kitchen installation process:

Installing of a new kitchen will not usually happen in 1 day. There are multiple trades to plan around. A normal timeline could look like this:

  1. Day 1- Kitchen delivered and first day of your Kitchen installation

  2. Day 2- The cabinetry install is completed and your benchtop is templated (if you are having a solid surface benchtop)

  3. Day 3 to 12- Your flooring installed

  4. Day 12- Solid surface benchtop is installed

  5. Day 13-Plumbing & Electrical connected

  6. Day 14 - Second install-panels, toe kicks and any cabinetry that sits on the benchtop, Glass doors or shelves installed.

  7. Day 14-Glass splashback templated

  8. Day 24-Glass splashback installed.

So, although all these processes might not occur in your renovation, it is important that you are aware that this is the process that maybe required. We will help you work through your project and give you the best information possible on the expected timeline for your new kitchen

Finally, good luck with your kitchen renovation! Choose the right Kitchen company and the process will be straightforward fun and easy.