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How do you choose the right Kitchen Designer for your new Kitchen?

The Kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your home. The kitchen represents some our favourite things, family together, food and cooking fun!

Kitchens are not just practical spaces anymore, a Kitchen is the hub and showpiece of your home.

Whether you’re a stay at home kind of family, that enjoys baking together or whether you are a outdoorsy kind of folk, that want a easy functional layout, that takes care of the basics of life without too much fuss.

Choosing the right designer will be critical.

So how do you get the right designer to cover everything you need to make your kitchen the very best it can be?

Here are some tips:

  1. Firstly, make sure you choose a designer that has years of experience and preferably good qualifications under their belt. You really do not want someone new to the kitchen design business not seeing all the possibilities for your Kitchen space due to inexperience. Almost anybody can design a poorly laid out kitchen, it takes years of knowledge & skill to design a kitchen space, to its full potential.

  2. Do not choose a kitchen designer that blindly goes with your every idea, just to get the sale. Choose your Kitchen Designer by the time they take to listen to you and discuss your needs. A good kitchen designer should get to know a bit about you and your family and what your plans are into the future, only then, can they start to come up with the unique plans and design ideas, to suit your situation.

  3. Ask to see some of a designer’s previous work. Most Designers are tremendously proud of their work and how happy their customers were with it and so will be so happy to show you.

  4. Ask to see testimonials from previous customers. Is so important when you engage a designer for such an important job, that the relationship is warm, honest & they will always have your best interests at heart. The opinions of their previous customers can guild you.

  5. How does your designer charge for their services? Are they independent and design for a flat fee or an hourly rate? Ask about the costs involved upfront. Plus, do they have recommended manufacturers they work with or do they just supply the plans, for you to take away and find a manufacturer? Ask how this all works.

  6. Most kitchen companies who manufacture in New Zealand will offer their Design services completely free, with a site visit, CAD design and quote, without any cost to the customer before they buy. Most NZ made kitchen companies are very careful about who they choose for their Design team & employ very experienced kitchen Designers, as they know the design can make or break the look and finish of a kitchen.

  7. Does your designer have a solid manufacturing team backing them up. Ask to see their factory & team at work, you'll soon make a judgement if the cabinet making team has facilities, equipment and technology to make your kitchen world class.

  8. Is you Designer happy to come to your home and take the time to get to know your space and how your kitchen flows? Are they prepared to take the time to invest in your project? Will they come up with several design layouts for you to choose from, will they sit with you and refine the layouts according to your wishes. Do not go for Designer who rigidly thinks that they know best. Remember the best designs are a collaboration between you both.

  9. Can your Designer organise discounts on appliances and trade work? Most Kitchen companies have strong and beneficial alliances with the associated trades who specialise in kitchen services. Ask & take advantage of this knowledge and save a truck load of money on your new kitchen!

  10. Finally the best advise I can give you is choose someone to design your kitchen that you have a good feeling about, trust your instincts, if it feels right it more then likely will be a good choice.