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Choosing Between a Scullery or a Pantry: What Works Best for Your Kitchen

When researching kitchen ideas for your new kitchen consider whether a scullery or pantry may suit, your new kitchen renovation.

What’s the difference between a scullery and pantry?

Scullery: In some countries, the wording scullery and pantry or butler’s pantry all mean the same thing. The term kitchen scullery or butler’s pantry is a term used for a small room adjacent to the main kitchen, with bench space, for food preparation and storage, often with a sink and appliances, like a mini kitchen.

Pantry: In New Zealand, a pantry refers to a large cabinet that is used for storage, food, crockery and small appliances, it may also have a benchtop with custom shelving, and pull-out drawers. Generally speaking, it’s storage space.

Tip #1: Including a scullery in your kitchen renovation plans.

If you have room in your home renovation plans, a scullery provides more storage space and a larger work area than a pantry.

It’s better for entertaining friends and family, as food preparation and dishes can be hidden away behind doors.

Most often it has open shelving on the walls, microwave, and under the bench deeper open shelves, with no doors for easy access to items stored on the shelving.

Tip #2: A kitchen within a kitchen

Why have just one kitchen when you can have two?

Seriously though most new NZ homes and kitchens are now placed in the front and centre of the living area, it’s the way we like to live in NZ.

So a scullery makes sense. The messy stuff can be done behind closed doors and dishes done later!

By having a scullery the main kitchen can be reserved for all the fun stuff, like gathering to share a coffee and the company of friends and family without an unsightly mess to contend with.

“Nowadays, most people like to buy groceries in bulk and stock up on supplies, so it’s not surprising that having a butler’s pantry or scullery in your home is viewed as an asset by home buyers”

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 Tip #3: You don’t have to follow the rules.

If your scullery room is a bit on the small side, benchtops and cabinetry can be reduced in depth to make use of a smaller space. Unlike in the main kitchen where cabinetry and benchtops have to match the appliances, in your scullery, you can have any layout that suits you. Floor-to-ceiling shelving, and platter shelves, you can maximize a small space by using every millimetre!

Tip #4 : Not enough space for a scullery?

This is where a clever pantry can make a big difference to your new kitchen.

While pantries are usually in the format of large storage cupboards, the interior can have many of the features of a scullery, like a benchtop, drawers, and shelving layouts to suit.

If there’s not enough room for a scullery then how about two pantries one with custom-designed shelving for crockery and the other as a workspace complete with small appliances on a benchtop, that you can easily close the doors for a tidier look when guests are around.

Tip #5: Scullery versus pantry?

With kitchens becoming multi-use areas, with often more than one cook operating at any time, entertainment areas, schoolwork hubs, and fun places to hang out, the popularity of the scullery has grown.

The inclusion of a scullery in your renovation plans is certainly a luxury you will not regret!

However, if you are tight on space then clever pantry storage & pullouts, and drawers can make a big difference to the function of your new kitchen. See our link on storage solutions here supplied By Fit NZ:

Form and Function For Your Kitchen Storage

Once you and your kitchen designer have worked out how much space you have and what you want to include, a decision can be made.

No matter whether you go for a simple pantry or a hidden scullery, access is vital. Ideally, a pantry will sit centrally in the kitchen. And don’t forget the lighting – if you have a bench under wall-mounted shelving or cabinetry in your pantry, add an LED strip or some downlights.

Ideally, in a scullery, there will be some natural light, a window, or a skylight, but whatever your situation make sure your scullery or pantry has great lighting.

Here are some more top tips from FitNZ:

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