This warranty is issued by Kitchens R Us to the original purchaser of the warranted products and workmanship (defined below).

Kitchens R Us warrants to the original purchaser that the purchased product will be free from defective workmanship. This warranty only applies if the purchased products are properly maintained and used for normal domestic use.

The warranty applies for a period of ten (10) years from the date of delivery of the purchased products.

Cabinetry: Workmanship & materials 10 years

Hardware: Lifetime warranty

Benchtops: 7 years

NOTE: Any other materials included in the kitchen not listed above are also subject to being warranted by the relevant manufacturers.

If the defective product falls under the manufacturer’s warranty, kitchens R Us will, at its option, either:

Arrange repair of the defective warranted product by the manufacturer; or

Arrange replacement of the defective warranted product by the manufacturer.

If a warranted product is no longer available and cannot be repaired, the manufacturer, at its absolute discretion, may replace the warranted product with a substituted item that would be as close as possible in dimension/function and colour. The manufacturer, however, cannot guarantee that the replacement item will be the same in all aspects when compared with the original item.

*Kitchens R Us offers no warranty on Kitchens or wardrobes subject to natural disasters, including earthquakes, file, or intentional damage, water damage including floods, and improper use. Please see our cabinetry Kitchen maintenance recommendations for information on taking care of your kitchen cabinetry, benchtops hardware & handles.

* Kitchens R Us warranty only applies to cabinetry and benchtops, wardrobes, and other cabinetry installed by Kitchens R Us-approved installers. There is no warranty on cabinetry bought ex-factory & installed by anybody other than a Kitchens R Us approved contractor.