10 Kitchen Trends for 2022

Kitchens R Us Top 10 Kitchen Trends For 2022

After 2 years of concerns about how safe it is to venture afar, we have spent a lot more time at home than in previous years.

Home has become our safe place more than ever. We have all spent more time together, and our homes are evolving with our need to find space and entertainment without the need to leave home.

Kitchen trends for 2022 are reflecting the need for a calm space, multi-use family areas, and easy conversion to an entertainment area.

Bench Space

The kitchen trend we are seeing is for a calm, clean space, with lots of bench space for activities. Mums and Dads have become pseudo teachers, and with that, benchtops have become favoured areas for homework, science experiments, and spending quality time with each other.

The trend away from sinks in the breakfast bar has made this area more user-friendly for multiple activities where dishes are attended to elsewhere in the kitchen.


Sculleries and walk-in pantries are the flavours of the day, with maximum storage shelving and places for small appliances to be shut away until needed, creating more space for the family in the main kitchen area.

Planned Work Areas for Multiple People

With our kitchens filling a variety of roles now – from meal preparation and entertaining to the remote office – we predict kitchens that provide multi-use integrated spaces will grow in popularity.

Planning multiple work areas for all ages to be able to use the kitchen space at the same time, whether it’s baking, coffee time, or homework. Planning the zones in your new kitchen will simply help your family live in harmony. Think power points, charging stations, and lots of bench space.

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Calming Colours

A combination of materials from Melteca or Melamine doors, Ply shelving, Lacquer, and Dezignatek panelling is stepping up the interest component.

The desire to create a space reflecting other areas in your home has never been so easy. The kitchen with mixed and matching entertainment units, bookcases, and seating areas ties the whole look of your home together.

Benchtop Design

With the emerging trends, the range of colours and patterns in engineered stone benchtops offers an ever-expanding palette of colours. Soft whites and soft colours are dominating this space.

The cost of engineered stone benchtops is firmly putting them in competition with laminate tops and is now in the price range for most New Zealanders.

Waterfall legs and a combination of stone and wooden-look tops add warmth and interest to your kitchen space.

Study Nooks

Integrating a study nook behind some doors in or adjacent to the kitchen area makes life easier, working on a project while preparing dinner or supervising children with a study nook nearby, cleverly hidden away behind doors.

A clever way to integrate your work needs with those of family demands.

Separate Bar Areas

Many new kitchen designs are including a designated bar area for the adults with glassware and utensils stored together, away from the main cooking area.

Bar fridges under benchtops or cabinetry custom made to house the bar fridge and precious glassware keep the guests and entertaining areas contained.


The emerging trend is to take the engineered stone, granite or tiles covering the whole wall behind the cooking hob.

Walls of stone or tiles overlaid with accent shelving in either timber or Ply for display is very on-trend 2022.

Designer glass images are also on trend with people placing well-loved images on the wall behind the hob, with digitally printed images printed onto toughened glass. Easy to keep clean and a way to stay in touch with your favourite places.


More than ever kitchen lighting is coming into its own.

Multi lighting solutions are installed to to suit the task planned.

For example, LED task lighting over the work area, downlights in the scullery & pantry, strip lights under the bar and toe-kick lighting for a bit of nighttime drama.

Pendant hanging lights low over the breakfast bar is a must and ceiling strip lighting can create a feeling of a separate room within a room for a totally modern and on-trend look with a very practical purpose.

Feeling inspired? Ready to turn your kitchen dreams into reality? Don’t hesitate to take the next step and book a free kitchen consultation with our experienced team.

Our team of skilled designers and experts are here to guide you through the entire process, from conceptualising your dream kitchen to bringing it to life. We understand the importance of creating a space that not only reflects your personal style but also meets your functional needs.

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