Kitchens R Us – One of NZ’s Trusted Brands

We're Proud To Be Voted One Of NZ's Trusted Kitchen Manufacturers

Designing and renovating a home is not an everyday experience for most people, but for Kitchens R Us, it’s what we specialise in.

We have been designing new kitchens for all types and sizes of homes for over 30 years!

A significant sum of money is at stake, and you need to know that the company you choose is a trusted kitchen manufacturer in New Zealand. Kitchens R Us is proud to be chosen as one of the most trusted New Zealand kitchen designers and manufacturers for the 4th year!

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Our Checklist For Choosing a Kitchen Manufacturer

So when looking for a kitchen company to trust with your new kitchen, these should be high on your checklist:

  • Recommendations from friends and family
  • Google reviews
  • Length of time manufacturing
  • The sophistication of the technology available
  • Quality of product

From Family and Friends

Chances are, if your neighbour or a family member has had a good experience with a particular company, chances are you will too. Let your kitchen company know that they have been recommended by a previous customer. This creates an instant bond between you and your kitchen designer.

Product Reviews

Do your research on reviews of the companies you are considering and read the reviews yourself. A company that allows itself to be reviewed obviously has nothing to hide. Companies don’t always get things exactly right the first time, but what really counts is how they respond to your concerns and the efforts they will go to make things right for their customers.

Length of Time Operating

A company that has been operating for many decades has obviously created a reputation and trust within the market for its products. Companies that have been trading for many years have refined their product systems and services.

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Modern Manufacturing

Investing in the latest technology, software, and operating systems is crucial for a company to remain competitive in the market.

Virtually gone are the days when one person made your kitchen and installed it themselves. Companies these days manufacture many kitchens in a week and rely on sophisticated CNC technologies, robotic machines that can create the finest edge solutions and finishes for your new kitchen consistently without the chance of human error.

Bigger is better in kitchen manufacture. Larger companies can pass on savings from bulk purchasing. There are economies of scale, and by using the latest technologies, you will receive a kitchen to the highest quality standards for a fraction of the cost of years gone by.

After-sales Service and Warranties

Does the company you deal with offer an after-sales service? Are they readily available to come and check your drawers and doors and fine-tune your new kitchen after it has settled in?

Will they offer extra services, advice, and support well into the future?

Warranties: The minimum warranty you need for your kitchen or wardrobe is a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on materials and workmanship. The hardware should come with a lifetime warranty, and the materials and fittings should be fit for purpose over the warranty term.

Make sure your company is also around to fulfil their warranty undertakings.

Most Trusted Kitchen Brands In New Zealand

If someone is overpromising or talking things up or quoting well under the market price, there will always be a reason why.

Trust your gut. You need to be dealing with people who are calm, considered, and clear in their responses.

If somebody is pressuring you to make a decision, waffling on endlessly, or trying to baffle you with science, and you are feeling uncomfortable, that’s your gut instinct—don’t ignore it.