A Kitchen Renovation Guide

Transform Your Kitchen: A Comprehensive Guide To Kitchen Renovations

A new kitchen renovation is a significant project. We have put together this list of items to go through to help you understand what may be involved in your new kitchen renovation! Below is a list of trades to consider that may be required to organize your kitchen project:

    • Carpenter/Builder
    • Gib Fixer
    • Gib Stopper
    • Painter
    • Electrician
    • Plumber
    • Gas Fitter (if you have gas or a gas hob)
    • Flooring contractor
    • Appliance installation
    • Rangehood installation and supply

Tasks that need to be considered:

    • Remove existing kitchen (Trade Me is good for selling the old kitchen)
    • Plumbing disconnection and oven/hob electrical disconnection Wall relocation (if the footprint of the kitchen is changing)
    • New plumbing location
    • Drawers under the sink will need to be templated once the plumbing is fitted Additional electrical plug locations, and if appliances are shifting, you will need appropriate electrical switches installed and lighting upgraded.
    • New flooring or flooring repairs Kitchen lighting location (discuss this with your designer and electrician)
    • How will you cook while you are without a working kitchen (could be up to 2 weeks)
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The Kitchen Design and Confirmation

These are some of the common steps to the design and confirmation process you can expect.

  • Your Kitchen Designer’s initial consultation and measurement of your space.
  • Meet the designer in-store to discuss products and fittings for your new kitchen, view the designs, and make any changes or refinements.
  • Receive your quote, and check it aligns with your budget and expectations.
  • Purchase any new appliances and choose your flooring (if new).
  • Make any adjustments with your designer and sign off the final plans. Pay your deposit to get your kitchen underway.
  • The final site measure performed by your kitchen company will be completed.
  • Go through your checklist of tasks to prepare for the arrival of your new kitchen (e.g., painting, flooring, plumbing, etc.).
  • Decide how you will cook while your new kitchen is being installed.
  • Mark the installation date in your calendar and have access to your home ready, with the kitchen space prepared to receive your new kitchen.
  • Keep your kitchen company up to date with any changes or delays with your project (appliances, building work, etc.).
  • On the day prior to your kitchen installation, make sure there is a clear path for the delivery crew to safely access your property and carry your new kitchen cabinetry to your kitchen.
  • Remove any fragile items from the area.
  • On the day of installation, arrange to be away from home for the day to avoid noise, dust, and the stress of trades working inside your home.
  • The Kitchen Installation Installing a new kitchen will not usually happen in one day.
  • There are multiple trades to plan around.

A normal timeline could look like this:

  • Day 1 – First installation
  • Day 2 – Benchtop templated
  • Day 3 – Flooring installed
  • Day 12 – Solid surface benchtop installed
  • Day 13 – Plumbing connected
  • Day 14 – Second installation (panels, toe kicks, and benchtop cabinetry)
  • Day 14 – Glass splashback templated
  • Day 24 – Glass splashback installed

So, although not all of these processes might occur in your renovation, it is important to be aware that this is the process that may be required. We will help you work through your project and provide you with the best information possible on the expected timeline for your new kitchen. Finally, good luck with your kitchen renovation! Choose the right kitchen company, and the process will be straightforward and easy

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